The road to create a smart office

In this article, we will introduce you to the concerns, benefits, and decision-making steps of using wireless smart installations in the everyday life faced by employees of a Radovljica computer company.

Why choose smart installations?

The key advantage of this company and its associates is the pursuit of progress, the constant search for improvements and solutions in the business world and in everyday life. This is what led them to find ways to improve, upgrade, and simplify things. At the first contact with the smart installers, they were not sure that they would be able to take the matter, as they were worried about change the structure. Knowing that they could gain a lot from it, they contacted us anyway and wanted to know more about smart solutions.

The first important point in the decision was the fact that, in the vast majority of smart solutions in our offers, no construction work is required, since the modules are wireless and are installed on existing elements. In the following, we'll focus on smart solutions that are both wireless and easy to install.

The second concern raised by the director of the computer company before viewing it was the cost of smart installations.

He assumed it was an expensive investment for installation and use.

We talked about problems that they would like to solve using wireless smart installations to make their office safer, more comfortable and more secure. The customer desire was get to know and test the wireless system, and later tot additional high-quality elements, which were developed and manufactured in the European Union from start to finish, as needed. Due to the individual elements interconnected and allow the latest smart technology to be retrofitted, they decided first to test a module that allows the control of blinds and the module for turning on and off lights.

The customer also wanted to check the application complexity, so we demonstrated the smart solutions management with the user-friendly VeraMobile ™ application.

The "brain" of the smart system

The first step to your smart office is to purchase a Vera Edge router, which is connected to up to 200 smart modules. With the controller and the related application, we control what happens in the smart office even when there is no one physically present. Allows you to control individual modules or groups of modules, and to set different scenarios for the modules that will be presented below.

In addition to setting the scenarios, you can set the desired actions according to where you are in 4 different modes: "at home", "from home", "night mode", "holidays". By selecting the mode, one click can make the system run multiple functions in succession depending on the modules that are connected to the controller. During the collective vacations we can activate the "holiday" mode, for example. The system switches off all the lights, adjusts the blinds, adjusts the temperature at preset values, switches off certain electronic devices and the like (depending on the functions of the connected modules). If you expect a cleaning service in your absence, we only change the mode to "from home" in the application and remotely set the desired state or the person manages the devices locally.

After learning the basics of a smart system, we introduced to the customer the world's smallest 2-relay module used for starting and shutting down two electrical devices. One of the great advantages is that it can be installed in a flush mounting box for a traditional wall switch and can be operated with an application or with a wall switch. The customer was convinced by the module, among other things, of measuring electricity consumption, because the lights in the office building were quite old and they wanted to check how much they wasted.

Depending on space requirements, they have opted for a 2-relay module and an additional 1-relay Wireless Z-Wave Plus - Flush 1 Relay module for other space.

Smart blinds

During the day when light is not needed, the light can be controlled by manipulating the external blinds. Wireless Z-Wave Plus - Flush Shutter module allows us to fully or partially lower and raise the blinds and change the blinds inclination. Depending on the sun location in the sky and the time of year, the shades are managed in such a way that energy and heating savings are maximized.

After almost 3 months of use, users have reported that they are enthusiastic about the quality and reliability of smart installations. By measuring electricity consumption, existing lights were found to be very inefficient and replaced for more energy-efficient ones, which will save money and have a positive impact on the environment. By adjusting the inclination of the blinds, the atmosphere in meetings with video presentations was more enjoyable, and turning on and off lights with a wall switch became a thing of the past. Based on a positive experience, they have approached us with a desire for additional solutions to upgrade the existing smart technology system.

Safety is quality of life

This time it was the main lever to decide security and remote control. The offices have quite a few valuable computer devices used by employees at work. In addition, the cabinets contain products for sale to customers and personal information of customers, which must be carefully guarded. For greater control over the opening of cabinets, we recommended that they install the Everspring Sensor, which provides information on whether doors or windows are open or closed. On working days when they are not physically present in the office, they are not worried that an unauthorized person will be able to access locked cabinets without their knowledge. A great advantage of the sensor is the ability to pair with others Z-Wave devices, such as sirens and lighting devices (in this case the sensor sends a signal to the internal siren, which produces extremely loud sound and turns on a strong red light). The device is also equipped with tamper protection, which triggers an alarm in the event of unauthorized removal. We are notified of an unauthorized access or removal event immediately and consequently can act quickly.

Additional motion control is achieved with the Philio Sensor, which is equipped with a temperature and lighting sensor in addition to the motion sensor. The detector acts as a security device that detects changes in infrared radiation levels when used with other security devices. The triggered radio signal can either create a full alarm state or switch on the connected lights to better illuminate or repel unauthorized persons.

In addition, the sensor detects temperature changes. Thanks to the setup of different scenarios in the VeraMobile™ application, the sensor makes it possible to get a lot out of your imagination. In the application, we create a new scenario by setting a schedule (for example, every weekday when we have the "home" mode selected), determine any condition (when the sensor detects movement) and determine the activity we expect (automatic light on).

See by yourself

Smart solutions have great added value, especially for accounting services, law firms and anyone who keeps confidential documents or valuables.

The combination of connected smart installations brings safety, comfort and economy to life. By pre-configuring various tasks, you make sure that the system works automatically and that you focus on your work and mission.

If you would like to see any of these products live, please contact us through the channels below.

If you want your office to be smart too, please contact us:

E-mail: info@comfort-el.com; Phone: +386 31 615 920


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