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Bticino Sfera New door entry system (from 2 to 26 pushbuttons) Bticino Sfera New door entry system (from 2 to 26 pushbuttons) Bticino Sfera New door entry system (from 2 to 26 pushbuttons) Bticino Sfera New door entry system (from 2 to 26 pushbuttons)

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User Code: NSM2-26
Warranty: 2 years
In stock
Availability: about 5 days

Product details

Technological features

The two-wire digital BUS technology provides excellent sound and image quality which is transmited by door entry systems for flats. Modular composition of electronic modules and its appropriate configuration allows a huge variety of advanced features which separates Bticino Sfera New from ordinary apartment building intercom systems. With Bticino Sfera New you will be able to prevent potential danger such an intrusion, open additional doors, turn on the staircase lighting and connect additional cameras. In case of having multiple internal units within one system you can take advantage of "intercom" function which provides the communication between internal units. What is more, the system can be used by people wearing hearing aids or blind people thanks to the inductive loop and the connection status voice message synthesis. 

One of the biggest advantages of modularity is the individual adaptation to the user in order to satisfy all his needs and desires. In addition, Bticino apartment building intercom entry systems are easy to upgrade which also leads to low-cost maintenance in case of wear of individual parts due to the age of the door entry system or vandalism. However the vandalism is largely prevented by the protection index againt mechanical impact being IK08. Its protection index is IP54 which prevents the invasion of particles, dust and water. 

Video module plays an important role in controlling who can enter your property and therefore offers a way better experience than audio door entry systems. The camera allows video surveillance of the visitor which can prevent the unpleasant events of unannounced visitors or even burglars. The entry system should no longer be just a "door unlock device", but a tool which is used to increase your safety, the safety of your loved ones and your property while being at home or anywhere in the world. With the help of Wi-Fi connectivity you can actually control your entrance and unlock the door anytime and anywhere, as long as you have a smart device with a network connection. 

Scope of delivery

Please choose your desired colour of Bticino Sfera New and the number of needed push buttons in the configurator on the right side of the page in order to see the final outdoor unit respecting your needs. 

Each set contains an outdoor door entry system unit, distinguished by: 

  • colorful wide-angle camera which offers perfect images even in conditions with poor lighting thanks to the IR LED and IR filter (night & day camera), 
  • high quality pushbuttons and illuminated nameplates for surname or apartment number data, 
  • pictogram which enables visual notifications of the forwarded call, door lock open and active communication.

In addition, the set also contains: 

  • flush-mounting box (please let us know if you prefer the surface-mounting installation and we will substitute the flush-mounting box with the surface-mounting box), 
  • power supply

We offer a two-year warranty for all the individual components included in the set. 

Choose the internal unit which best fits your needs 

One of the biggest advantages od Bticino Sfera New door entry systems is the compability of the outdoor unit with many Bticino internal units. This means that every apartment bulding resident can choose either a cheaper audio internal unit, video internal unit or even a video unit that provides Wi-Fi connectivity. 

Check out the wide selection of internal units in the related items below:

  1. Audio handset internal unit
  2. Hands-free audio internal unit 
  3. Hands-free video internal unit with 3,5" LCD colour display 
  4. Hands-free video internal unit with 4,3" LCD colour display 
  5. Wi-Fi hands-free video internal unit with 7" touch LCD colour display 

We respect your uniqueness

We will help you to get the most out of modularity which offers the variety of options. Video door entry system can also be equipped, upgraded or connected with: 

Contact us for preparation of the offer you will not be able to resist: 

E-mail: info@comfort-el.com;

Phone: 00 386 31 615 920


Perfect combination

Bticino Sfera New is a quality video door entry system which increases your safety, is easy to maintain and easily upgradeable as well as provides a great user experience and fascinates with the design and complete range of functions. 

Satisfied customers from more than 90 countries, including Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Germany, Belgium.. describe the world-renowned Bticino door entry systems as reliable technological achievements which impress with their flawless operation



Number of bell buttons 10, 12, 16, 2, 20, 4, 6, 8, 3, 5, 14, 18, 22, 24, 26
Colour white, anthracite, silver
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