What do we have to think about before replacing an old or installing a new door entry system?

5 best tips that will help you with choosing the right door entry system and appropriate contractor for its installation:

1. The camera is an essential element of the external door entry system unit

Technology advances with the speed of light in this day and age and it is no different even in the world of door entry systems. They have also become indispensable security accesories as the door entry systems were once only a necessity for opening entrance doors.

A quality video door entry system allows you to have complete control over at every moment on who enters your home or multi-apartment building and therefore prevent entries to unauthorized people. With that you can fundamentally increase the safety of your home or apartments.

The difference becomes negligible in comparison to the additional functionality the video door entry systems allow for despite that they are only by a margin more expensive than the audio systems. Investment into the video system will be on average only 15% bigger in comparison to the audio door entry system whereas this difference can be even lower when installing into multi-apartment buildings.

The key features of a good video door entry system are:

  • Wide angle camera,
  • LED lighting,
  • Quality and tested materials,
  • 2-wire system,
  • Digital BUS system,
  • Option of connection with a separate IR camera,
  • Modularity (only a part of the door entry system can be replaced),
  • Beatiful design and adaptability to various objects and materials.

2. It is possible to connect a video or audio internal unit

It is usually a long-term investition when it comes to a replacement of an old door entry system or to an installation of a new system and that is why we recommend that you choose a video door entry system - door entry system with a wide angle colour camera. Modern digital door entry systems allow for connecting an internal audio or video unit (a cheaper handset or LCD video unit with a display) to an external video unit. Customers in a multi-apartment building can decide for a cheaper audio unit or video unit which does not make the whole door entry system replacement project more expensive. It is important that the resident can even later decide for a video unit since the whole door entry system is appropriately adapted to a video signal (the handset is simply replaced with a video unit).

Notranje domofonske enote Bticino


Simultaneous allowing of a connection of audio and video internal units is especially important when it comes to the installation of a new door entry system in multi-apartment buildings where the owners can have very different wishes when it comes to internal units. One resident can decide for the installation of the simplest audio handset thanks to the great diversity of door entry systems as another one chooses an internal unit with the option of receiving a video call via a mobile phone.

3. Modular door entry systems are adaptable and upgradeable

Nothing destroys the look of the external entrance into a multi-apartment building more than an old, unkempt andr re-stuck door entry system. It makes sense to think about buying a modular door entry system in older buildings where the number of apartments and residents changed through time while nobody took care for the upgrade of the door entry system.

Modular door entry systems allow for an exceptional adaptability as we can simply adapt the number of keys to the number of floor owners. Their design can be adapted to the limitations of the external space that is intended for the installation of the door entry system unit ip to a certain point besides that. It is also important to mention that the replacement and upgrade of a modular door entry system is easier and cheaper  as in its is possible to only replace the non-functional module in the case of a breakdown.


Domofon za blok Bticino Nova Sfera

What you need to pay attention to when choosing a modular door entry system:

  • Choose a quality provider that has been making door entry systems for a long time,
  • Check what does the warranty allow you to do,
  • Check the options of buying spare parts.

4. 2-wire door entry system is a safe choice

We often come across many problems when it comes to replacing a door entry system in older housings that also include old and inappropriate installations. The choice of an inappropriate door entry system can lead into unnecessary investitions or to unnecessary costs that appear during the urgent replacement of a door entry system.

2-wire digital door entry systems are a smart choice as we can use an old installation in many cases (we find 2 functional wires -pairs). 2-wire door entry systems usually allow for extra functionality (access control, door opening, car ramp opening, extra cameras activation, turning on the light in the hallway, redirecting the call to a mobile phone etc. for example) and its appropriateness has to of course be assessed at every installation individually.

Večstanovanjska domofona iz družine Bticino Sfera

5. Recognize a bad quality installation

Of course when replacing an old door entry system and installing a new door entry system it is not only about the correct choice - a quality installation is also crucial. You have to convince yourself that the company you chose to entrust with the installation of your new door entry system will do their job skillfully as the replacement of the door entry system was otherwise a loss of time and money. We suggest that you check the provider's references before choosing one (call and check the customer satisfaction).


You can see an example of an unprofessional and inappropriate installation of a door entry system in the center of Ljubljana on the picture:

Primer slabe prakse - Montaža domofona

5 most common mistakes of door entry system installations that you need to pay attention to:

1. Residents decide for an audio door entry system since they are convinced into it by the contractor that skips the info that the possible upgrade into a video system is fundamentally more expensive as the installation is not prepared for video solutions.

2. Residents replace only the external door entry system panel (to embellish the external look of the door entry system) and think that that will also solve the problems with a bad audio and occasional non-functioning of the door entry systems. The installation in these cases usually stays unchanged and they still have the analog door entry system that does not allow for new functionalities (e.g. digital system does not allow for eavesdropping and does not allow for someone to intentionally block the whole door entry system…). Problems and new costs soon surely appear to the floor owners with these kinds of bad decisions.

3. Residents often look only at the price and choose an inappropriate manufacturer that does not have a many years' tradition of manufacturing door entry system, has very little references and installed door entry systems, does not guarantee spare parts or stops offering them after 1 year.

4. The contractor does not explain to the customers that they can install a video door entry system (it is approx. 15% more expensive than the audio system) and that they can decide depending on the needs or financial state (for cheap audio handsets or video units) when buying internal units.

5. Installation of a new door entry system is not appropriately finished which affects the look of the façade or the entry into the house or multi-apartment building. The contractor usually convinces the customer that the door entry system cannot be flush-mounted and he surface mounts it as it shown on the pictures above. Take a look at quality installations in which the door entry systems embellish the look of the house, increase the reputation of the residents and increase the property value. Only choosing an appropriate work contractor that will offer you expert consulting at each step of replacing your old door entry system will be seen in the quality installation and long lifespan of your new door entry system.

Only choosing an appropriate work contractor that will offer you expert consulting at each step of replacing your old door entry system will be seen in the quality installation and long lifespan of your new door entry system.

Take a look at the examples of quality Bticino door entry system installations!

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